30 March 2010

...i take too long to update my blog...

so here's a few things i've been meaning to upload for ages!!

Ambition Is Pitiful

so a bunch of us have got together to make a zine, and it's a pretty fucking awesome project that i'm very proud to be part of.
the first issue sold out on its first night at the sauna youth gig, alongside mine and (mainly) kat's baking. i illustrated the cover and some other stuff inside...

the first issue has sold out so you may never get to find out why the hell i illustrated tortoise sex, however...
there are still some copies of the second zine available for £1 each. if you want to get your hands on one message me, trev or owen and we can sort something out. every penny goes to charity and when we sell the last of this issue we'll have £100 to donate!! GOOD JOB!! :)
here's my contribution to issue 2 (a poor attempt on my part due to me fucking off to italy, however everyone else's input was bloody good!)

The Secret Mixtape

...anyway, if you were at the sauna youth gig, you will know that there was also a secret mixtape swap. a great idea put forward by gav where each person involved wrote their name and three of their favourite bands on a piece of paper, and put them in a box, then took another persons name at random.
you then had to make a mixtape of ten songs, (no more, no less) based on their music taste and your own. i had great fun doing mine for lotty, although i did cheat and find out one of her fave songs for the mixtape off her boyfriend!!!
after alot of confusion and swapping from person to person, it finally found its way to her!


not related to any of the above, but something i have wanted to upload for sometime...
kat's lovely brother asked me to do this for her xmas present. i thoroughly enjoyed doing it :) tis gav me kat alex and scotty if you couldnt tell! so glad she liked it, because, like pj bond said on sunday, she is an amazing person, so she at least deserves nice things to go on her wall haha...like tortoises copulating...whut?

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