9 June 2010

Heart Songs

For our last project of our second year in uni, we were allowed to write our own brief. I decided I was going to write mine on what's influenced me most since I've been in Swansea... music :)

I decided I'd produce a book of illustrations based on song lyrics from some of my favourite bands. After I realised the list of bands I'd been influenced by was stupidly long, I decided to cut it down to bands I'd actually seen in Swansea.

I did alot of research on the DIY scene/punk community. Jamie, Owen, Swansea Collective, El Ufo and Kerry Evans featured in my research so they deserve a shout out!

Cheap Girls
Her and Cigarettes
'She spends her money on cigarettes and such, well I love her and cigarettes so much.'
Collage/Coloured Pencils/Digital

Brian Fallon Stole my Dress Sense
I used to have a friend called fate, he hates me now. Everytime I ask him round for drinks, he lets me down'
Acrylic/Coloured Pencils

Four Track Heroes
'These are my hands, these are my hands. They craft nothing.'
Pencils/Digital/Masking Fluid/Acrylic

That's Gnarly
'You're so fucking happy with your 9 to 5, that you can't even see and you're barely alive.'

'You don't believe in one night stands, so let's get married then.'

'When you wear lipstick, I always want to kiss you.
But you use your lipstick as an excuse not to kiss me.
You prefer to kiss me in the morning, when you have morning breath
or at noon, when you have coffee breath.'
Painting with coffee/Digital Collage

The Arteries
Cornelia Marie
'What would you do if I said you were a noose?
That you were an anchor I gotta cut loose.
Would you help me on my way?'
Pencil/FineLiner/Coloured Pencils/Digital

My faves are probably the cheap girls and tkif illustrations. I got my marks back for this project the other day...76, which is a first, which is fucking outstanding considering I wanted an extension and I wasn't given one! Happy girl!!!

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