7 March 2011

Grow your smile wide

While PJ Bond hung out in Swansea he asked me to do a design to be screen printed on to the back of a Vinyl that is being pressed and released in the Netherlands, the cover will be clear with an insert used as the front cover and so my design will show through the plastic sleeve and ultimately, be the back cover design. I was 2 days aways from my dissertation deadlines so didn't really have time to do it...but I got excited and did it anyway.

The first image was what I originally doodled during a lecture (before finding out the design needed to work as a ring not a square or circle as I'd originally imagined.) The second image is what I sent (very last minute) to PJ, hopefully everything will go along as planned and my design will be screen printed onto a vinyl record. Cool beans!

Also, PJ rules, check out his tour dates and go see him!

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