20 January 2010

p-p-p-pick up a...poster

here are some posters that i've done recently, which i'm pretty damn proud of if i'm honest...

Swansea Collective Poster (thanks to Trev for giving me the opportunity to do this).
i was given the freedom to do ANYTHING i wanted with this poster (except use red :P). i would normally struggle not being given a clear idea of what to do but fair play i bloody love that eagle.
i currently have an A0 copy of this in my room! stoked!

this poster was for a fundraiser in sigma that some photography friends asked me to whip up. again, i was given no brief , my only artistic direction from kirsty and emma was 'make it look good yeh?' haha! in the end only the illustrations were used because alot of the details changed.

i liked the illustration but was a bit bummed with the result of the rubbish map that i drew haha! still, it got used (thanks Phil). was pretty awesome seeing it blown up to A0 on the front of 'old Sigma'

i'm sure there will be many more posters to come, contact me if you need one done :)

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