9 June 2010


Second Year illustration recently exhibited in the main entrance to the Dynevor Building in Swansea Met University. The exhibition was called Doodle-esque and was a celebration of those 'Eureka moments' you often get when drawing. You often find when sketching something roughly that the marks and lines you create in the moment are impossible to replicate. The spontaneity and looseness of a doodle can be better than the final artwork...we were asked to select some of our favourite doodles that fitted this criteria to exhibit.
I'm a perfectionist so didn't really have much to go up as I throw away scribbles or I work on one piece until it becomes final artwork. So I had to pick some of my life drawing to go up, it looked very different to some of my classmates but I was relatively happy with it regardless.
My favourites from the exhibition were Karl Mountford's, Tom Ward's and Alex Chapman's contributions. Oh, and Leanne Ellis shared the space with us, her work is fantastic, check it out here!

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