18 October 2010

Hobos Flyer Idea

Nik from Hobos, Swansea, a vintage fashion store, asked me to come up with a flyer design for freshers fair for the store that would appeal to students. I struggled to think of a suitable design to sell the store as it was difficult to sum up what the store offers as they stock clothes from 3 different decades. I thought a cassette may be a good idea as they still relate to young people today but are also representative of the past. I sketched out a cassette and messed around with the colour but before I looked into finalising the design I wanted to check Nik was okay with it.
Despite the fact that he liked the sketch, he thought it gave the impression of a music store not a clothing one so we decided to drop it and use it for a Sin City flyer instead. I still liked the rough visuals though so thought I'd share them.

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