18 October 2010

Life Moves

RVIVR recently played an all dayer in Swansea with one hell of a good line up of support. They were amazing, as were the support bands, but sadly the turn out was a bit piss poor. If you missed it for no good reason then you're an idiot because seriously, they were so fucking good. Anyway, here's the poster I designed for it which includes an illustration of Lala the penguin (if you don't know what I'm talking about click this link and check this shit out!!)

I also baked some banana cupcakes to sell as this was supposed to be a charity gig. I didn't charge for ingredients and the cakes were priced with a suggested donation of £1. I made £26 for charity in total despite not even making 26 cakes! They went down a storm, people were really generous and I was so proud of my achievement, however little it was!! So thanks to those who bought a cupcake! Also, thanks to my housemates who bought me this gorgeous cupcake stand for my birthday a few months earlier, I definitely think it aided my selling!!

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