10 August 2011

No Matter Where We Go 2

After coming to the end of my degree, and preparing for my first exhibition in London, I decided to make a second zine! It was very last minute, and intentionally fast and brief. I contacted a bunch of talented illustrators requesting an illustration of their home, leaving it completely open for interpretation, and not giving too much away about what it would be used for. I kept it open because I was hoping I'd receive a lot of very different submissions...and I did! There are some really beautiful drawings in the zine, and you can nab it for a quid if you request or order it here on my etsy or big cartel.

It's made from one sheet of paper, folding in a way that you can flick through pages or open it out to reveal a poster on the reverse. Here are some photos of the finished thing, along with my submission.

Some of the wonderful collaborators include Bronwen Bender, Conor Rawson, Karl Mountford, Rhi Pardoe, Dave Long, Mark Pavey, Liam Barrett and Jamie Mills. Check them out!!

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